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The White Queen: Book 1The Gathering

This Book was Born in a Dream


This book was born in a dream that kept repeating on me over and over in the last 20 years. I love fantasy and Sci-fi so when I was recovering from cancer I said “Fuck it, from now on I am going to do what makes me happy." Poetry made me happy, and this dream was always something I wanted to write about. I had never written before, or had the urge to, but  I thought it would be fun to give it a go. I loved the story-line so much I have now decided to write a screenplay as an adaptation. It has been a steep learning curve to write a novel, and to get published. Its taken at least twelve months to be able to have it ready to review.


I love fantasy, Sci-fi, fantasy, horror and action. In my dream I could see a strong woman who was transported, through a portal, to help creatures on another world. She was special and powerful but her life on earth was dull. I love vampires, faerie and mage, in fantasy, so decided to developed another type of character to help them. They would become family and help fight the war. Each Kindred has a male and female within the White Order. A secret society only known to the ones chosen to be in it. Their job to help and train the White Queen who is prophesised to come and save their planet one day. They don’t know when or how. They don’t even know who or what she is.


She is loved by the vampire – who is the oldest living creature on the plant Logan. He has never been in love before so does not know how to handle it. She falls in love with the knight. Things get a bit tense amongst the group. The fact that it takes a while for some of them to believe she is 'THE ONE' who is prophesised, also adds to friction. There is also a race of beings, on Logan, that are evil and are after the Queens power- to help them survive. They try different diversions to capture her and use her ‘essence’.


The White Order are trying to look for the keys of creation. The keys are also sort after by a powerful race, who rule most of the galaxy, called Territes. The one who is sent to retrieve them is prince Alexander. Alex is ruthless and he is ambitious, he also also finds out about Koby. He decides he wants her to himself, so he can rule over his family and the galaxy, and he begins looking for the keys and information about The White Queen. They all end up on Logan and several epic battles  ensue.

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Narrated by: Chad Michael Collins

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