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I don’t know the exact moment when I first decided to write poetry. I was always singing as lyrics were similar to poetry. Then in my late teens I started to write poetry that was inspired by the way I felt. I found it hard to communicate with people but poetry was my medium and very cathartic to me. I never knew where it came from. It was not a form I deliberately started. But I would think of something then words would form in my head so I wrote them down. It's still the way I do it now. It just flows. The same with writing. I had a dream often enough so I started to write. Someday I would just write then it's like waking from a dream and looking at what you have just done. I still look at poems and my writing and think “where did that come from” or “wow that’s good, how did I write that or know what to say”. It’s a weird sensation. I was not inspired by anyone. Just myself. I do love Stephen King and am in awe the way he writes and sometimes flaunts the rules of writing.

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