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The White Queen - Book 1 of 3

 The Gathering


Thrown into dimensional space and time onto a foreign planet by the creators of the universe, Koby must gather a group of elite Kindred, learn their skills and save them from an off-world threat.


Foretold in a prophecy Koby must make her peace with the creators, in time to overthrow a race of superior beings. The Territes are trying to locate several artifacts to help them rule the universe and the White Queen is the keeper of one very powerful artifact - herself and five keys that will help open up universal portals.


Can Koby come to grips with her change in life, becoming a Queen, and gather enough power to overthrow the most ruthless race the galaxy has ever known? Will her White Order army of Vampires, Knights, Mages, Faerie and Vanishers be enough to stop total domination?


A collection of poems created by imagery that allows the soul to wander through the good and bad in life. Using philosophical thought and imagination through innuendos these poems push the reader into a world of their own, to create their own take of the modern soul and life lived. 

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