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I am a girl from the country. Born in Western Australia and raised in the small coal mining town of Collie, I have managed to attain three degrees, a dog and a house.

I have every book Stephen King has ever written (the man has a style I admire and love) and now want to live the dream in my favorite  genres: Fantasy/ Action/ Sci-Fi/ Thriller/ Horror.

Favorite Books

  • Stephen King:

The Dark Tower Series

The Talisman

Duma Key

  • Isla J Bick 

  • Beter V Brett

         The painted Man series​

Favorite TV Shows

  • The Outpost

  • Raised by Wolves

  • The Boys

  • Lucifer

  • The Witcher

  • Warrior

  • Carnival Row

Favorite Actors

  • ​Hugh Jackman

  • Joel Edgerton

  • Teresa Palmer

  • Vin Diesel

  • Jessica Biel

  • Reece Richie

  • Chad Michael Collins

  • Sonalii Castillo

Favorite Movies

  • The Shawshank Redemption

  • The Lord of the Rings

  • Blade 

  • The Last Witch Hunter

  • Warcraft

  • Sniper Collection

  • Hitman (2007)

  • Chronicles of Riddick 


Writing my First Novel, undertaking my first screenplay and loving life by writing my poetry. I am in my happy place.


School Teacher then Chartered Accountant I was (and still am) influenced by a down to earth actor who lives  in and around LA. This person helped me remember who I am and what my passions were. Also surrounding him were other amazing down to earth people (actors and other non-acting beautiful people who I am still good friends with today) who have  helped me see who I am and what I am capable of. Always believing in me and supporting me.

 Inspiration has struck for a few things that had been in my head for the last fifteen years. So here I am.

Continuing to spur me on, inspiring me to be a better person and reach my goals. These people are amazing in every way. Sonalii Castillo and Chad Collins I thank you for your continued support.

My road has taken me far from where I had been and loved, to where the normal live and tolerated, back to being in love with story telling, music and poetry. All my very first loves:

Theatre acting, singer/ songwriter, poetry. writing and reading. 

I acted in theatre at a young age to which I was fortunately able to travel overseas. I learned to play the piano for seven years. I have been a high school teacher (business and computing - can you believe), learned Karate, sang in a band (writing songs and performing on stage), then received my Masters in Professional Accounting and got my  Chartered Accounting  ticket.


A lot for one so young but onward and upwards I say. Following my dreams and trying to keep it real.

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