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About Me

I am a girl from the country. Born in Western Australia and raised in the small coal mining town of Collie, I have managed to attain three degrees, a dog and a house.

I have every book Stephen King has ever written (the man has a style I admire and love) and now want to live the dream in my favourite genres: Fantasy/ Action/ Sci-Fi/ Thriller/ Horror.

Writing my First Novel, undertaking my first screenplay (movie) and loving life by writing my poetry. I am in my happy place.

Introducing Koby

Introducing Koby aka the White  Queen.  Learning to cope with inter dimensional travel and landing on Logan. From the dawn of creation she is from Earth but known on other worlds as THE WHITE QUEEN. Why? You will have to read The Gathering: Book 1. Powerful, headstrong and will do anything to save her family and all kindred on Logan. You want her on your side. But she’s learning, growing and finding out what she knows might not necessarily be the truth.

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